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So on Thursday I will have been applying isotrex for 6 weeks. 

Firstly, I've had a couple of compliments like 'Your skins looking good!' this week, as we all know this is bitter sweet, an acne sufferer can never accept that compliment. In my head i just think 'does it really though? would you be happy with this skin? do you see anyone else around here with a face that looks dirty?', as ungrateful and self absorbed that is. Anyway, I can say my skin is looking a lot better than last week, one of my cheeks has no inflamed acne just a few spots flattening from last week. The patch where acne was the worst on the other cheek looks better too, although the same little spots seem to keep resurfacing. 

I have 3 whiteheads on my chin that won't be squeezed, so not sure what to do about them. Also my forehead bumps appear to have flattened a little bit but I'm not sure if this is just how it seems with the actual physical gel on top of them. So the verdict is, think I'm seeing improvements but don't want to speak to soon. 

Also been putting the gel on my back, the areas i can reach are significantly awful so I'm concluding this is because my back is so spotty the purging is still continuing. 

My favourite thing about this gel so far is that it seems to reduce a spot in size over night! But it also is likely to reappear the next week, so not sure about that.

I haven't had any extortionate dryness with isotrex, but in the last few days the burn after i put it on is awful!! For a couple of seconds my face throbs and stings, but then this completely goes. 

Will keep updating!!! 


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Yes keep up the updates. I know what you mean about people saying "your skin looks good" and as acne sufferers we shrug that off. I had the exact same thing last weekend at work, a woman I hadn't seen for a couple weeks because I was off sick said to me 'stacey your skin looks pretty good btw' I was like thinking 'hahaha huh??!'

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Not good love. I'm not good at all. I'm so frigging fed up of all these pesky bumps on my face. I look horrible man and I hate life at the minute.

How are you doing? 

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If you're still using isotrex then stop :( just free yourself of it. I know the feeling so well, when nothing is working and no improvement is showing its so hard to be positive. Try something else, it will psychologically be refreshing to observe any improvements and watch your skin change, plus something else may really work and be better suited to your skin type. 

I feel okay, but it's literally only because I'm seeing improvements. My cystic acne has cleared but I have lots of pesky bumps too that this gel has bought out. Perhaps they won't go, we'll see!

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That's what my mum says. She's fed up with seeing me cry everyday. I'm nearly 25 and all I do is cry :( it's sad saying that, and I feel undeserving of this life because I'm not appreciating it to the full because of this.
My fear is stopping it and everything just getting worse. I should never have used it in the first place. 

I'm glad it's working for you. Its brought out lots of bumps on me too.

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Take control, you have been brave to wait through purging and see if good results will come, you can be brave and quit! Acne has awful effects on mental health, when I went to the derm he told me something interesting. He said say the index of someone without acne taking accutane, were a 100 for likelihood of depression on the medication, a person with acne would be 160. I know we aren't on accutane but it just goes to show to psychological effects it can have. 

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