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Accutane Journey 20/05/16



Back at the derm's today. Saw the nice consultant rather than my usual one today (not that my usual one is horrid - just more 'mechanical' rather than caring).
I wasn't entirely honest about how exhausted I am and the extent of my bruises.. I just didn't want them to say I had to stop or anything and my blood tests are all fine so guessing it's nothing serious and it's nothing that I can't cope with, I just seem to stay awake in the evenings!
I did have a lovely talk with a young girl who seems to be there every time I go. It was good to talk to someone who is going through the same treatment and has the same insecurities etc, she is the first person I have ever talked to about it other than on here!


It has been forever since I posted.  My family had a terrible time after our dog died.  We lost our favorite pet duckling & then 2 more due to the extremely rainy weather we have had.  It has rained nearly every day for 3 weeks.  May is an extremely busy time of year for our family, so I have been running nonstop.

I am so sorry to hear about deaths in your family.  I'm glad you're back to posting updates.  I'm also glad your derm appt went well.  Thanks for the updates.

I have my derm appt  tomorrow.  I have 34 days left!!!  I can not stand my dry lips, crusty nose, cracking corners of my mouth, and slow healing wounds anymore.  I am also noticing a sadness in myself I haven't noticed before.  I took birth control years ago (17 years ago) and noticed in week 3 I would get very sad.  I went off of the pill and that sadness went away.  I have 2 more weeks in this package & I'm going to stop taking that stuff.  I really dislike it, but I am hoping my body doesn't go crazy when I stop taking it.  Who knows, I'm sure the sadness could be still lingering from the loss of our pets too.  I haven't noticed a large amount of bruising, but this morning, I walked into the corner of a cabinet door HARD.  It hurt sooooo bad.  I haven't looked at it in several hours, but I am sure it is going to leave a giant bruise!

2 days ago, a mole on my lower jaw started hurting a lot.  No change in color or shape or anything & I don't think it is a cyst underneath it. Just very painful.  I am very anxious to see what my doctor says.

Today is the first day that the sun has shined in several weeks.  I really want to go outside and plant flowers and enjoy the sunshine.  But---I am so worried about getting sunburned to a crisp.

I am so ready to be done with this torture.  I just hope my face stays clear after I stop the medication.

Let the count down begin!!!

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I'm so sorry you've been having such a hard time, how did your derm appointment go? What did they say about your mole?
I think that we all feel scared about stopping incase it comes back even though at the same time desperate to stop and be done with it!

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