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Day 1



So today was day 1! First lemme share exactly what it is i'm doing

My Method:
1. Splash face with water
2. Pat dry
3. Spray with toner (mine is homemade with rose water and about 10 drops of tea tree oil)
4. Put on cream as moisturizer (I have a cream that is supposed to help with hyper pigmentation)
5. Sunblock
6. Continue with makeup

1. Use coconut oil to remove makeup
2. Wipe off with warm, damp cloth
3. Slather on coconut oil and let it soak up during shower (don't wet face)
4. When finishing up, wipe off coconut oil with warm, damp cloth
5. Spray with toner
6. Apply cream

Day 1: 
I currently have a TON (like 20+) white heads and about 3 cysts. I also have a ton of hyper pigmentation but this method is supposed to help with it so we'll see. Kinda concerned that this is gonna make me break out but gotta take a leap of faith one time or another! Plus I figure i'd break out with the initial break out anyways. Let's see what tomorrow brings. 



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