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Accutane Week 2: Days 8-14



Day 8
Aches and pains have subsided. Break out on forehead and cheeks - but I know and accept this needs to happen. 3 cysts have formed on my chin around the area where there was one sitting there for months. Quite painful and just not very nice to feel.

Day 9
Breakout continuing - noticing a few new blackheads pop up around nose area. Also noting that a lot of whiteheads are forming. Still finding that my skin is not drying up? Still very oily and so am wondering how long it takes for the accutane to properly kick in.

Day 10
Am feeling quite down about the breakout today. It seems that each morning I wake up to a few more new spots. I saw my reflection in the my car window today in the sun and it was not a nice feeling! Am trying to let the initial breakout dampen my spirits - this is part of the process and shall pass.. Keep reminding myself this can only get better. Noticed small dry skin on the edges of my mouth before I went to bed - wiped these away and skin was generally okay after that.

Day 11
Breakout is continuing - noticing that the spots are leaving behind red marks. In terms of my skin generally, have noticed that its starting to feel a little scaly however still oily. Odd! My lips are not overly dry but I am keeping them well moisturised with shea butter which seems to be doing the trick for now. Joints are very achey today but I am putting that down to a 5km run I did yesterday - hope the pain subsides soon!

Day 12
The spots seem less inflamed and red today - I am hoping they have peaked and will now die down. It looks a lot worse than it is because there are small spots on my forehead, cheeks, chin and jawline. My lips are starting to feel more dry today, not peeling yet but just dry so I am applying plenty of shea butter. Something I noticed today was that I last washed my hair 3 days ago yet my hair is not greasy! Normally it would be greasy by the third day but no, my hair looks as though I washed it yesterday. Hurray - looks like we are on to our first plus point re: accutane!!!! :)


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