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Accutane Journey 15/05/2016



I have just read an article in the paper on Adult Acne. It got me really annoyed as it insinuated that it was mainly down to poor diet and poor hygiene. Now I'm not saying that these things cannot be a factor but as we all know on here that when you have acne whether as a child, a teen or an adult that we try EVERYTHING including changing our diets and that we on the whole are way more fastidious than most people on cleanliness and are FED UP of people assuming that because we suffer (and I do mean suffer) with acne that we are unclean!! Rant over...sorry..it got me really riled :( 
The sun is really drying my lips out, I am still covered in unexplained bruises and I am completely and utterly exhausted. The last week I think I have fallen asleep by 9.30pm at the latest, it is only 6.30 pm now and all I can think of is going to bed! I'm starting to dread the time that I come off Accutane as I have got so used to not having to worry about my skin and am so scared  of my cysts coming back, I don't think that I could cope with all that again!


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