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POSITIVE NEWS! So in the last week, I have seen slight differences in the condition of my skin. Arguably, it is too quick to judge whether this is due to the isotrex or another factor such as improving weather possibly? However, the most stubborn patch of acne on my cheek which had been persistent for around 3 months has flattened! Redness remains and has possibly worsened but I see this as positive, as cysts are no longer as inflamed, they are closer to just being scars or post acne marks, and as anyone with acne will know scars are preferable to spots as it means the acne is no longer the primary problem. 

I went out last saturday night so i used bp last week on my forehead to ensure some improvement in the closed comedones would be seen so i wouldn't feel too embarrassed, but now I'm back to using isotrex on this area twice a day. I'm hoping my forehead will adjust like my cheeks, chin and nose have done. Also, I'm about to enter my exam season so I'm prepared to purge!! 

My comment on the initial breakout - now I look at photos of my skin from the last few weeks - i can notice how it was significantly worse. But i feel as though all the nasty build ups of sebum below my skins surface, surfaced and have now been treated. I have also read that isotrex gel actually has a long term benefit as a retinoid which hopefully will close pores and reduce the size of sebaceous glands or their effect (don't quote me on that exactly) but I have read the effect of isotrex is more of short term struggle for a long term solution than topical creams like bp. Hence why I gave up with bp. 

So I will keep updating this blog!! Please feel free to ask questions x


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Hi I have been using Isotrex gel for 10 weeks and personally I haven't had any improvement at all :( 

How bad was your initial breakout? Because I have developed a TON of new tiny pimples especially on my neck which I never get normally. 

I'm happy you've noticed improvement though, last week the sun did my skin good but this week it's not so great 

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Since writing this I've been thinking my skins looking worse again!!

Initial breakout bought up lots of pimples under my nose above my mouth, and round my chin where i don't usually get them. Now using it on my forehead and it's turning the usually colourless bumps quite red. 

It's so hard deciding whether to give up or persevere 

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I know. I'm with you on that. I seriously don't know what to do and I don't see my derm until July. I'm going to see my GP on Monday though to ask if this is a normal reaction and if there should be at least some improvement by now. 

I also hate the way the gel is formulated,  it's hard to spread etc and it's mostly just ethanol.  What was your skin like before starting? 

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Have you been applying the cream to your neck? I noticed when I put it in my jaw line I got a really bad rash so i just avoid that sensitive skin as it's probably too irritating!! I'll post some pictures of what it was like a few months ago vs now, they will be horrible though so I apologise!! So the picture where my skin looks a lot less red is a few months ago. The other two are me now :( 




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I actually have never applied it to my neck but like you I developed a rash after applying it to the jaw. I still have this rash. There's literally  zero improvement for me. I apply it to my forehead, nose, chin and cheeks atm but I wasn't using it every night because my skin was just not liking it and I wanted to lessen the severity of the breakout I'd get.

The pimples on your forhead are what is all over my neck. My forhead has broken out a bit in bigger spots and clogged pores. I'm not taking any pics of my skin just now because it's too depressing. But I'll send you one from a few weeks ago. The first two are sort of the last few weeks to now (although I think it's worse now) and the last one was after 7 month on differin before isotrex.

Are you using anything else? Like birth control 




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I used dianette and benzoyl peroxide this time last winter and I became so clear by this time last year, came off it because I was getting depressed and gradually stopped the benzoyl peroxide which I regret!

Your skin looks irritated, have you ever tried just 2.5% benzoyl peroxide? I know it clears my forehead acne up in about 2 weeks without failure but not my cheek acne. If you haven't tried it I reccomend it as another option! 

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Honestly it's been the isotrex that's irritated it. I'm asking about going on birth control too. I've actually used BP with success before in many strengths but it seems to have lost its efficacy however I still use it on alternating days from Isotrex or in the morning. 

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As unscientific as it sounds, i feel like the pimples that have been sat under our skin are coming to a head so that they can eventually, but in your case i truly would not know what to do either, as i was told to wait at least 6 weeks. The fact you've had no improvement makes me wonder whether you should just throw it right away and try birth control with just bp or something similar. Perhaps purging continues whilst your hormones still cause your skin to produce more oil? Meaning birth control should help? I wish acne was better understood. But yeah I reckon go to the gp and see what they have to say, then make your decision! I'm with you!! 

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