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Accutane Week 1: Days 1-7



Day 1
So last night I finally started Accutane! I have been started off on 30mg. I was so so so scared and sat there staring at the pills for hours before I actually took them. After encouragement (and a little abuse) from my sister and fiance I finally took them (after dinner btw). I woke up today feeling completely fine apart from pain in my joints and lower back. This pain remained constant all day and at this point I am not sure whether this is because of accutane or not. Apart from that I was completely fine apart from being a little on edge waiting for any side effects to kick in.

Day 2
Today I woke up with my aches and pains pretty much gone. My skin was pretty much the same with no dryness etc and I had prepared myself pretty well with lots of lip balms and e45 moisturiser ready to use. So far I haven't encountered any side effects but am just waiting for the lips to start drying up like everyone said...

Day 3
Nothing major to report today apart from the fact that I could feel a slight difference in my skin in the sense that it was less red. Normally after having a shower or washing my face my pores would feel open and red however they seem to be less apparent and my skin generally feels smoother. I did however notice a few spots on my forehead - not sure if these are the start of the initial break out..

Day 4
Today I woke up with really bad lower back pain which again lasted all day. It was constant however felt better if I walked around. Really not sure if this is a side effect of the drug or just poor posture? Apart from this I have found that instead of drying - my skin feels a lot oilier! Complete opposite of what I was expecting. I guess my body is still adjusting to the accutane and it will take a few days before the drying out occurs.

Day 5
Thankfully today there were no aches or pains - generally felt okay today. No dryness of the skin or lips and no other symptoms. As a side note - I have been drinking around 2 litres of water a day and keeping my lips well moisturised with shea butter.

Day 6
Today I woke up and could feel a few new spots developing - again if this is the initial breakout then so be it - I am expecting this and in all honesty it would mean something is working! Apart from that my skin doesn't feel so red and inflamed around the spots which is a positive. Lips have started to feel a little sore so have been applying my shea butter frequently. Apart from that no extra dryness or side effects.

Day 7
One week down!
Lips felt the accutane today. Not dry and flaky as expected (yet!) but felt very sore. I kept them well moisturised with shea butter and so far so good. I felt incredibly thirsty today despite drinking almost 2 litres of water daily - am thinking of trying to up this to 3 litres. My eyes have started to feel quite dry but again I am not sure if this is down to lack of sleep or the accutane! I don't think I have felt the full impact of the side effects just yet - but in any case I am ready to expect the worse.


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