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A little bit about me..



A little introduction about myself. I am a 28 year old female who has been struggling with constant mild and recently cystic acne for the last 10 years. The odd thing for me was that I got through school and most of my teen years with pretty good skin so having break outs during university and throughout my 20's came as a huge disappointment to me. In my early 20's, I put the acne cause down to stress of exams at university and then professional exams and always thought (and hoped) it would clear away once my stress levels dropped. Wishful thinking right? Hmm.. So about 3 years ago I finally decided that I needed to speak to my GP and start taking something to help.

Initially I used Zineryt which worked temporarily for about 6 months. After that I used Duac which again worked temporarily for another 6 months or so. After that the next thing I was offered back in November 2015 was a combination of Lymacycline antibiotics along with Differin Gel. At this point my acne had taken a turn for the worse so I was desperate to try anything that would help. I was also put through for a dermatologist referral at this point. When I initially started taking these two I suffered a horrible breakout but evenutally about around December time my skin was looking pretty okay although the Differin gel (I believe) caused me break outs in areas of my face which were previously clear like my forehead.

This lasted up until March where my skin took a major turn for the worse and progressively worsened! During April my skin just didn't feel like my skin anymore. No matter what I tried nothing seemed to help and I was suffering with cystic acne on my chin and non stop break outs on my cheek area. This was a very testing month for me with my skin. It decided to reach its peak of awfulness at the time of my engagement :( I was sooo unhappy with my skin and although I don't think of myself as very superficial person - my skin was making me very self conscious and just outright unhappy.

By this point my dermatologist referral had finally come (after a 4 month battle with a poorly handled referral!). I discussed the above with my dermatologist and although I was "only" suffering from mild acne, she was happy to start me off on accutane given my age, the length of time I had been struggling with acne and also the fact that I had tried a number of other steps before this. But MY GOSH WAS I SCARED. I read up soooooooooo much about accutane online and scared the hell out of myself. You'd read a good story and think yes this is great, followed by a horror story making you wonder if your skin is worth jeapordising your health.

Luckily for me (and unluckily for them) I used my sister (accutane success story herself) and my fiance as my support group! They listened me express my fear, excitement, fear, fear and more fear non stop for weeks before I finally took the plunge and started accutane. In the days leading up to me starting, my fiance wisely banned me from reading any more accutane forums as I would end up scaring myself and in a massive state of confusion over whether or not I wanted to this - needless to say it didn't last very long ;) couldn't keep me away.

You hear good and bad stories about accutane but ultimately for me I reached a point where I could not bear the thought of my skin getting any worse. I know that people have a lot more severe acne, but in my opinion, prolonged mild acne is just as depressing. If there was a chance that accutane could clear my skin, then yes, I wanted to try it. The thought of having skin as bad as it was on my engagement on my wedding was, at the risk of sounding dramatic, heart breaking and so for me I decided that for my own sanity and happiness I wanted to give this a go. I am starting my accutane journey and wanted to provide updates for anyone out there, who like myself, looked to others for help on whether or not they should take the plunge. Good luck to anyone else out there who is in the same boat as me :)


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