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Accutane? (2015-05-10)



Right now I'm using a topical gel and antibiotics my doctor prescribed to me. He told me if my skin got worse or didn't change after a trial month (even though I've used both products before) he might consider putting me on accutane. I did some research on it and it seems like it works fairly well. I'm particularly love that if it works for you, it my change your skin permanently! My mom is against it though, she thinks the side effects have too high of a risk and wants me to try other things instead. Personally, I don't think anything else will work, and I'l end up going on accutane anyways, the process to get there will just take longer. If anyone has any experience with accutane please let me know how it worked for you!

Skin Update: As usual, there are maybe 5-10 pimples/whiteheads on my already scarred forehead. I have redness around my nose and a few small pimples on my chin and right cheek. My cheeks and nose bridge area have been really dry recently, I think it's because I applied to much topical gel in places where acne wasn't a huge concern, but large pores were present. The discoloration on my face is real, I looked in a mirror in natural sunlight and it made me so upset. Ughh acne sucks.


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