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Half way done!(hopefully)



Sorry I've only been updating once a month. I'll try to get on here a little more. 
I just picked up my third month of accutane the other day! So yay for that! My labs are getting worse however. My white blood count is now low(please don't let that scare anyone away). That has always been low for me but it has now dropped below the normal level which my doctor said can happen while taking accutane. Unfortunately because of this, she won't increase my dosage which could now cause my treatment to be longer. So that's disappointing. Other than that all is well. I have nosebleeds every once in a while but they aren't nearly as bad as the ones that occurred during month one. My lips hurt like you wouldn't believe from the dryness but aquaphor lip treatment is absolutely amazing and helps tremendously. My scalp is incredibly dry so if anyone has any tips for that, it would be greatly appreciated. Every night I wash my face with cetaphil face wash and put coconut oil on my face. I HIGHLY recommend this. Not only is my face nice and soft when i wake up but its helping so much with the dryness and its helping with the acne scars as well(mine are really bad). Oh and I guess I should mention how my face is doing haha. It has its ups and downs which gets really annoying. At one point my face will be completely clear but then I'll wake up with a bunch of break outs. They aren't even close to as bad as before though. They're just extremely annoying since i get my hopes up then my face breaks out again. But my friend who took accutane before said that this always happens so it's not like the medicine isn't working or anything. I'm actually really impressed with the results so far. I'm gaining more confidence and even leaving to go to class without any foundation on which is huge for me. Before, I wouldn't even leave my building to run to the laundry room unless I had a full face of makeup on. So to anyone reading this who is either just starting accutane or considering it, it really works and if you aren't getting the results you want, unfortunately you just gotta wait it out. I promise it's gonna get better. 


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