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So a little about my skin:
I started getting acne around 7th grade. It sucked, but it was manageable for the most part. A couple of pimples here and there were nothing to fret over.
But I think it really started getting bad when I discovered a new bad habit: picking. Yes, I am guilty of being a picker. In my free time, I would scan my face for any small bumps and as soon as I had one targeted, I had to have it off no matter what. Eventually, this became uncontrollable and I'm still trying to manage my urges to this day. I'm in 10 grade now (a sophomore i think? I'm Canadian) and as of now, most of my forehead is covered in acne scars, and new suckers pop up almost everyday. I also have acne on my back unfortunately which is fan-flipping-tastic, especially in the summer. My skin is naturally oily (thanks mom) and it's a daily struggle trying to look presentable everyday in the morning. As of now, I'm on antibiotics and a topical gel, as prescribed by my family doctor but I'm finally going to be able to see a dermatologist next month and hopefully do something about my wretched skin. Until then, stay tuned! As I update you on the adventurous journey to clear skin.


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