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Completed Month 2 - Another Derm Visit

Day 34-62 - Finished Month 2 - Dermatologist Appointment  40-80 mg

Day 34: The inside of my nose is so much drier! It hasn't bled but its close... more annoying than anything. Nasal spray & Vaseline = life savers.

I noticed 2 little pimples last night - one on my forehead & one on my chin. Just little dudes so not even stressin' about them! ;)

My jaw line is for sure better! The cystic acne is a lot flatter, a little bumpy but nothing like before. My neck just has the red spots from the acne, looks awful but nothing there! 

My face is little more dry but again nothing that isn't manageable with some good product. 

Hair is fabulous! Not washing it everyday is FANTASTIC! Normal people don't know how easy they have it!!!!!!!!!

Day 35-36: Loving my hair! Day 3 of not washing my hair - talk about some big hair! Like they say: bigger the hair-closer to god ;) I had some people at work check my hair & they had no idea that i hadn't washed my hair for 3 days!

Day 37: Washed my hair, i probably could have gone another day but i felt the need to wash it...maybe that will pass in time...  

My face is a lot better, only 1 faint bump on my jaw line - 1! I cant remember the last time i didn't have something going on there! The other 2 i got this week, the one on my chin is just fading away - the one on my forehead - still there, just chillin' - not any bigger or smaller wtf? lol.  I did do an experiment last night, not putting anything on my lips after my awesome product wore off after dinner. Holy! Cow! I could feel my lips slowing just drying out - i can totally see what using only chapstick would be like. Awful! Painful! I had a moment that my lips were so dry they almost cracked. Ugh! Slattered on my Agave Lip Mask/Aquphor combo and was immediately better. I tend to use Aquaphor at night. (Cant handle that tacky/super thickness at work...i look weird too...) No dry lips when i get up in the morning. 

Day 38-42: I started to notice i wasn't as thirsty as before & my nose wasn't as dry but i was still thirsty & was still dry... thought maybe it was due to some cooler weather that came in.. i would go back to being drrrrrrry once the weather went back to normal. My face didn't feel as dry, i felt like i didn't need moisturizer anymore... what the heck is going on? Maybe Accutane isn't going to work for me anymore? Should i change the time of day i take it?? Is my acne just going to come back cause i'm pretty clear now???

Instead of searching the internet for answers i called my doctor who said that the less dryness is my body's way of adjusting to the meds, which means they will up my dose the next time. Perfectly normal. She said its riding the roller-coaster of dryness of Accutane. Which made total sense! I wondered why some people on YouTube got a bump in dosage & others didn't. I am not back to my normal oil slick skin but i'm flaky dry either - its hard to explain - my makeup still lasts all day, still have great oil free hair (as i type this i'm on day 4!! DAY 4 OF NOT WASHING MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I almost have a dewy skin look, which looks great! Not the one glance & you think Dang! that girl needs to put some lotion on her face! I could totally be content with life if i had skin like this after accutane. Do you hear the angels singing??? ;)

Had a couple of breakouts, that came & went. I do have a big one that popped out yesterday on my jawline/neck- the kind that hurt but its just the one. Oh! That one on forehead kinda went funky - started out as a little guy for a couple of days. Then BAM! turned in a big guy that hurt for a couple of days, then went to that big, ugly whitehead stage for a couple of days. I was good & just left him alone... it was tough! Now hes (they are always he's LOL) going down & looks all dry around the edges. Just leaving him alone. 

My lips still uncomfortable with out something on but i go longer between putting product on. I

I go back to the Derm in 18 days!

Day 43-59: Still dry but not as intense. This time when it came to my time of the month, i broke out worse than the previous month. I assume that is because my body was more use to the Accutane than before. I plan on asking the dr when i go in today. Maybe 6-7 breakouts most were just little dudes who went away fast but got 2 big dudes. One on my chin & one towards the end of my eyebrow - the big ones that just hurt but they are starting to go down.

Still got the one on my jaw line that just barely starting to go down..slowly. Rest of face is doing pretty good, made the switch to a liquid foundation & i forgot what the coverage can be! I notice peeps really looking at me, like really looking at me now LOL! Probably trying to figure out how to ask me about my face heehee.

Pretty sure i'll get the bump in dosage today, alternating 40mg one day then 80mg the next. 

Still glad i did Accutane - it ain't nothing i can't handle ;)

Day 60-62: Got the bump in meds like i thought! So starting Sunday (i start everything new on sundays) i take 40mg once day for 2 days, so Tuesday i will take 80 mg that day (once in the morning & once at night), continue that way for the first week. THEN i go to 40mg one day, 80 the next & keep alternating. Labs came back good - WAY TO GO LIVER! This is going to be interesting to see how it goes.

I will say now, im Accutane normal, not normal normal like pre-Accutane but not intensely dry. Which is why i think i got the bump in meds. 

I have noticed the rash on the back of my hands is back... I think its due to not drinking enough water, I didn't drink nearly as much water i normally do over the weekend. I am testing my theory as we speak....

As far as my face goes still got the 3 big ones but they are shrinking, nothing new has come in either. Derm did say will see clearing this month or that most people do. Still have some bumpiness but really not that noticeable. 

Pretty much same ol same ol :)


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