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don't know what to do with my acne



It all started the summer of 2015 , i was going to be a freshmen i was starting to have a few breakouts on my forehead but didn't really pay much attetion to them because that had happened to me before . after those few break outs i started to notice a few small pimples popping up on my  cheeks i kinda started to worry because i have never had breakouts on my cheeks , once i started school in august my pimples were getting worse  so i went to a regular doctor & they prescribed me benzoyl peroxide 10% i was somewhat glad that i had a medication byt honestly it made my skin get worse , so i hid it with makeup i started noticing all my friends would always stare at my forehead or cheeks which made me feel uncomfortable talking to them the problem here is that my acne keeps getting more red & i have some acne marks. my friends dont know how. much it hurts me that they always look at my pimples while talking like i can't even have a serious talk with them my mother also tells me that my acne is getting better but i dont belive her i feel like she just feels sorry for me since im er daughter! i cry everynight due to this i just cant live with this i hide my face everywhere i go i dont even go to parties or outsode its seriously killing me all inside anyone else feel this way? /:


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