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No issue after taking my third tablet last night, slight throat pain but went after half an hour or so!

Woke up this morning with gunk in my eyes. My spot has started to go down a little. Amazed at how big it got over a day!

Went shopping this afternoon and I was very weak walking around. Getting some joint pains too, arms feel very heavy (like when you get the flu!)

Nothing much else to say, fourth tablet being taken tonight after dinner! Going out tonight for the bank holiday so going to take it very easy and maybe only have one light drink (or not even!)

Has anybody drank alcohol while taking roaccutane before? Just wondering did you feel any effects? The leaflet advises moderation but I don't drink very often anyway! (once or twice a month maybe :) )


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What dose are you taking? I'm not going to drink at all throughout the entire course and for a while after.

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I'm on 20mg once a day  at the moment.. I'm not sure what to do :/ I think I should play it safe for the moment and not drink anything! 

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