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Day 3: please help!!! I'm desperate.

I am feeling so sad. My skin is dry, cracked, and it hurts. It makes me want to take the BP and throw it away. I feel like it's destroying my skin. Like its stripping it of anything good it had left in it. I want to stop using it, but I'm afraid of what may happen.

Before I started the regimen, my acne was getting progressively worse. The regimen stopped it in its tracks and even made it a lot better...until recently. I slowly started implementing the routine twice a day, and my skin is so dry it hurts. I've broken out again (not as bad as the first time, but who knows if it will continue to get worse). My skin is flaky and cracked, and when I put the moisturizer on, at first, it burned so bad. I then put on some argan oil (organic 100%) and it's helping sooth it a little, but I can still see the flakes. 

I'm so disgusted with my skin. Honestly, I don't even recognize myself. Please, I'm open to suggestions. 

PS: I'm thinking about going the natural route, but I'm afraid to stop the BP. I have 100% tea tree oil; I hear it's supposed to be good. I don't know though, honestly. I'm at a loss.

(pictures below the dry skin isn't visible. This is after the argan oil application. I usually don't have that pinkish-red undertone, but my skin still stings slightly. Also, the camera quality isn't that great, note that it doesn't look as bad in pictures)

Should I stop the regimen? Push through? Try something new? See a derm?







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I would stop using it twice a day, it's too harsh for your skin. Give your skin a break for a few days then go back to once a day or every other day. 
I wouldn't give up yet though. You could see a Dermatologist, but your in America right? Does insurance cover it? I'm not sure how it works but it must be so frustrating having to pay so much.

How are you with food? I know dairy can make me break out worse. Especially cheese.

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@Bentley.boo I'm going to try and give the BP a break...I think my insurance will cover it,

I don't eat/drink dairy, but to help my skin I've tried applying some Vaseline; my skin feels great right now, very moisturized!

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Dear Breanna Marie,
Good Evening. 

I am a Health Specialist. I have more than 2000+ satisfied clients here in Pune, those had same problem like you. 

Firstly, I would like you to be relaxed since now onward you will not have to search for anything else for your acne/skin problems. 

We are an International Brand. We provide 100% natural treatment and once you enroll in our program, you will be surprised to notice the sudden change in yourself. One thing please note that our product works on roots of any disease and remove it permanently. 

It is requested to please email me your current acne photos on - lifetimeincomesuccess@gmail.com

Thanks & Regards,



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