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Day 1

Breanna Marie


I would like to start of by saying that my acne by no means is bad. It used to be pretty moderate, but I've been using the regimen for about three/four months now and it's been helping. I was originally  just using it once a day, but recently I decided to slowly implement using it twice daily. Boy, does my skin burn.

My skin is slightly pink, which is normal. I know I need to get used to using it twice daily. However, I'm surprised by how badly my eyelids burn seeing as the bp stays completley away from them. They are pretty red, but there is no dry, flaky skin. Still, they burn. I feel bad for them. I'm sorry eyelids, it's nothing personal. 

Also, I decided to start keeping track because my skin was pretty clear until I started using the regimen twice daily. Now, I've been breaking out. I'm not sure if my skin is going through a "purging" stage, so that's why I'm going to stick with it. I'm going to buy myself jojoba oil in hopes that it helps with my dry skin (my skin is already sensitve/dry to begin with). This regimen is my last hope. I desperately need it to work.

(Pictures below are from tonight, after the use of the regimen. My chin has it the wrost at the moment.) 

PS: I went throughout highschool and freshman year of college with nearly perfect skin. That's why it's hitting me hard. Good luck to you in your acne journey!

Much love,




IMG_3693 (1).JPG



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@Bentley.boo In the past I mainly tried several different drug store products (clean & clear, cetaphil, etc.) and I tried the natural route for a but, but that didn't work at all :( this is my first time using a topical treatment (the BP)

@acnefreeaskme<3 I'm all ears!!

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