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Accutane Journey Day 85



I haven't updated for ages, we've had a death in the family and this has kind of been the last thing on my mind :( .
However with all the stress that I have been under recently I still have no breakouts where before the two things that would make my skin doubly bad were the time of the month and any stress.
The main thing that i'm worried about at the moment is that my 15 year old son has over the last week or two been breaking out in big red spots...now I know that it is common especially in teenagers but I am just so petrified that it will not be just a brief teenage thing and that I have passed a gene on and he will be stuck with bad skin for life like me... I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy never mind the person that I love the most in the world :( 


I'm sorry for your loss, it sounds like you're having a tough time :(
If your son does turn out to have skin issues (beyond teenage normal-ness) then at least you will be a really understanding and supportive parent, and up to date with all the treatment options! It would suck but it would suck a lot less if you know what I mean.

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Thank you, I'm really,really crossing my fingers that it is just 'normal teenage spots' !

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