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Week 1 down.

Ah so far to go. My skin is pushing loads of white stuff out of most pores on my face. I can only assume this is Keratin and that it is what causes all my lumpy closed comedones. It is so hard not to pick at, if it was ok to I could have a field day.
I mixed my moisturiser with Cetaphil this morning to stop it being as dry and now I look really oily although I don't feel it. 

I still have the pain in my back, which comes after eating, like gallstones I imagine. It's a dull ache though. My skin and eyes aren't yellow so I'm not too concerned but I think I am going to pop and see the doctor tomorrow and just ask about it and ask for a blood test to (hopefully) put my mind at ease and see if i am ok to continue the medication.

Now I can see stuff happening I would be kinda gutted if I had to stop but obviously my health is endlessly more important than my appearance.

I have also been watching some YouTube videos on people's progress. Amazing.


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