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Day 6.

Today my face is a greasy, oily, flakey mess full of little lumps (closed comedones). It looks disgusting and my make up isn't covering it. Meh. It's been worse than this before but as we know that doesn't make it feel any better. 

I am going to change moisturiser. No matter how much I try I just do not like the Cetaphil, it's awful to me. It feels greasy and coats my face with a layer of crap. 

My forehead has alwas been the worst, followed by my cheeks and jawline/neck. And those bloody awful closed comedones. I have never had smooth skin.

Hopefully this stage won't last too long.








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Hi I've just come across your journey and I look forward to seeing it all. My skin itself looks exactly like this. I've been using Isotrex (active ingredient of accutane) retinoid gel which brought all these comedones up around my neck which I've never experienced. Before isotrex I still had bumpy skin just not quite as severe. My doc has told me tissue that roaccutane may be a good option for me but in nervous tbh because of the possible joint pain. 

Anyway good luck and if you need someone to talk to you know where I am. 

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Thank you! I know people think it isn't as bad having this type of acne but it really is, isn't it. So far the Accutane has brought out a lot of the closed comedones and made them a lot easier to squeeze out (yuck) myself. It has brought out loads on my neck too which are pretty bad at the moment and very depressing. The thought that I should be clear in the end is keeping me going. I was very worried to take it because of the horror stories but not so bad yet and a low dose for a longer time is also an option.. Good luck!

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