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Day 5.

Today I decided to go for the dosage increase. I have started on 30mg which was prescribed by the Derm. It was off my own back I decided to start with the 20mg rather than the 30mg, due to my mental health history and usual sensitivity to antibiotics and medications.

There is nothing much to report really. My skin is dry compared to normal but after the Cetaphil moisturiser I feel greasy for the rest of the day. The tip of my nose is peeling slightly still and my upper cheeks are a little sensitive. My lips aren't dry at all. 

This morning I have had a slight pain in my liver area at my back, I have had this a lot before and had blood testes and scans which were all normal, and I am thinking it could be muscular as I did sleep a little funny last night, however I will be keeping a close eye on this just in case it is related.

I feel a little snappy today but I do suffer from PMDD anyway which is a severe form of PMT and this is the time of the month I get it, so not looking into that too much at the moment. Oh and I have gone off coffee! I usually have around 5 cups a day but now can't face more than 2, the is definitely a side effect as I love my coffee.

I will be honest, at the moment I just feel like this isn't going to work for me



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