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Day 3.

I have been feeling really quite tired on a night and sleeping heavy. I did wake up last night with a night sweat which I normally do on medication or when I am ill. I also felt very thirsty when I woke up. My face and head were not hot so that's good.
My skin certainly feels drier this morning. I can usually run my fingers over my forehead and top of my shoulders at the back and it is coated with oil, well I am surprised how quick that has dried out. Inside my nose is slightly dry too.
I have just woke us as my kids are away this weekend so I took the time to catch up on some sleep! I am going to post an update later on the products I am using at the moment.
Oh and I have a huge painful under the skin spot/cyst thing appeared on my right cheek which surprised me as it was just there when I woke up this morning with no warning. Normally I have that build up but nope just boom and it's there. I hope it goes as fast as it appeared. It hurts.20160424_112342.jpg


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