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Accutane Journey Day 81



I worked in the garden all day yesterday in the sunshine but this time was prepared, factor 50 constantly topped up (never did I think i'd be doing that in April!) and moisturiser topped up all evening and I haven't burnt, yay! I do however look like I have been abroad, it's like the Accutane is a magnet for the sun :/


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I was going to mow the lawn today, but was too worried about getting sunburned, so I didn't.  I guess I'll try SPF 50 when I decide to do it.  Not too many changes for me either.  Super dry lips.  Got my blood drawn today, so I'm sure my cholesterol will be too high on Thursday when I see my derm.  Hope your mood is better.  ((hugs))

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Sorry, I've had a lot on and not been taking much time for this, how was your derm appointment?

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