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Week 6 update



No dramatic results yet, but it is still early.

I thought my acne was improving the last couple weeks but then today I got two really gross inflamed, pus-filled pimples on my jawline that just got bigger throughout the day and did a number on my self esteem. :/ I have been pretty good about not picking or squeezing my blemishes lately (which may partly explain why my skin looked better) but I could not help myself from getting rid of these. Personally, I'd rather have a couple small red marks than nasty pus-filled pimples on my face. Also, they seem to heal faster when I pick them (though the acne does seem to spread more so it is sort of a vicious circle).

Yeah, so no miracles, but no complete tragedies either. Besides the two pimples today that kind of got me down, my mood has been exceptionally good lately. So yay, no weird moodiness or depression from the pill! :D 

Even if it doesn't end up helping with my acne I will likely continue using TriNessa as birth control.

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Hi there! Thank you for your detailed blog. Any update on your experience? I'd love to know as I was prescribed of this too. 

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