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Accutane Journey Day 70



Chunks of lip seem to have been peeling off today, i'm not sure why today should be worse than ever. I've been reading up on the accumulative dose that would be recommended for my weight and if my Derm does take me off Accutane after 4 months then I shall be way under which worries me as that could mean the acne comes back :( . I will speak to him at my next appointment but i have a feeling that if he says I have to come off there's not going to be much I can do about it.


My lips have been going through a similar thing.  Some days they seem fine & other days big chunks peel off.  The corners of my mouth started cracking, peeling and bleeding yesterday.  I put hydrocortisone on them over night and they seem a little better.  I have a dentist appointment today and I am completely dreading it.  My lips and corners of my mouth are going to be terrible afterwards!  At least my dentist is understanding and lets me reapply lip balm every couple of minutes.  I also hate that he is looking so closely at my face with a big bright light.

My dog died last week so I spent 3 days crying---which was absolutely horrible---and my nose area cracked and started bleeding.  The skin started flaking all around my nose too.  It is finally back to the really sensitive stage, but no more peeling.  My eyes ache terribly and are very dry.  My vision has been really bad since all the crying too.  I had to pick my daughter up at night and could barely see to drive.  I was super worried about my emotional condition after she died.  It's hard enough being on this medication without such a sad event.  I am still sad, but I will be ok.  :(

I traveled to New York City last week and ended up with some terrible sunburn too.  It was not a warm day, it was cloudy and snow flakes were in the air.  I was only outdoors for a few hours and had on SPF 50.  You're right, this summer is going to be difficult.

When is your next derm appointment?  Do you plan on talking to them about upping your dose or a longer treatment plan at your next visit?

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Oh I am so, so sorry! I am almost crying just reading that, I am the biggest animal lover going (much prefer them to people generally) and really feel for you :( 
The last time that I was at the dentist the assistant had that sucky thing in my mouth and it kept hitting this really huge cyst near my mouth. It was agony but worse than that was the look of horror and disgust (which she was trying to hide) on her face...will only ever think of that every time i go to the dentist now. Plus when I next go (in about 7 weeks I think) they will ask if i'm on any new medications and I shall have to say which is just going to make her think of it too!
Even though I really want this to be over I am going to try to discuss staying on it longer, I know they won't up my dosage as a) I'm really tiny and b) I suffered from depression in my early 20's so had to fight to get it in the first place.. :/
My eyes are still very tired , achy and blurry too, but will all be worth it in the end!? (crossed fingers).
Again, I really am so sorry and if you ever need to talk (all be it through a computer) you know where I am (and @WittySock i'm guessing), take care...

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