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Week 1 & 2 combined



   So far so good!!! I'm just trying to keep up with the regimen and forget about it so that way it'll go by faster. 
  My face has noticeable gotten smoother I can feel it and see it. It has wiped out a lot of my big pimples. I have only had one new pimple since starting the regime. I have no big ones just those pesky really small ones on my forehead. I still have my dark spots that will take some time of course to heal. Also I have black heads and huge pores that are taunting me right now, near my nose under my eyes and white heads on my nose and chin. Which completely sucks but I've had way worse.
 All in all this is a product I'm looking forward to counting to use and be patient with because the results will be worth it. So glad its working and quickly at that !!

Week 2 highlight : feeling how soft my skin is becoming


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