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Hey yall! It's me hehe.

So 20 days strong on the 'Tane. It has been a wild ride! Definietly had an IB and am still purging pretty well. This lasted from weeks 2-3 and included 3 large pimples and lots of purging little spots. My skin is about 75% clear now though, not including hyperpigmentation/red marks from spots. I haven't gotten anything more than an inflamed blackhead in about a week. Improvement? I would say!

I am also a recovering picker, so that has been difficult. Especially with skin this thin. I have gotten a lot better with that, I currently only have one little picked spot on my face right now from a pesky blackhead that looked angry. ERGH. I keep a log everyday on my own comp just to keep track of that. The new goal is no picking for 10 days, cause thats when my next doctors appt is. Excited to get a higher dosage and get these last few clogged pores all cleared out... ahhhh. 

I am posting pictures on day 30! There has already been a lot of improvement. 

Side Effects:
Dry lips- started on day 4 and have gotten pretty bad. My lips are constantly red and I have to exfoliate everyday. Nivea moisture (dark blue tube) really adds a nice sine and thick layer of protectant. 
Less oily scalp: Love this! Still have to wash my hair every few days, but it  just proves that the oil glands aren't fighting back anymore. Thank God!
Dry face: Almost no oil on my face, still a touch, but now I wash once a day at night. I moisturize with aloe and a small dab of hydrocortisone ointment. I am not sure if this is bad for you, but I use such a small amount and it has helped SO MUCH with my red marks and inflammation. As well as now new actual pimples for a week. 

NO OTHER SIDE EFFECTS! Normal GI, energy, etc. Dry eyes maybe, but not notable quite yet.

Advice of the week: DON'T PICK YOUR SKIN. Let the Tane do its thing. I work hard everyday to get through 24 hours without picking and wish I had never started the the habit in the first place. 

See yall in 10 days! 


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