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Day # 214



Period is coming in a day or so acne has ramped up.  Lots of small red bumps and a few large papules.  Eczema itch is becoming unbearable, even with cream.  I see my derm in a month or so and I have decided to start back up with my naturopath.  If anything, i need help getting back into my healthier lifestyle as i've given up and not really watching what i eat as closely as i was before.  I've hit a dead end but surprisingly, i'm not angry or anxious, just disappointed.  I am seeing more and more adults with acne and it is making me feel less like a freak.  In a way, i'm embracing it and forcing myself to just get up and go, be me, be proud and be happy.

Sprio has not given me any issues to date and until i find a replacement, i will continue it at least till the one year mark.  I will not be upping the dosage.  I am slowly reducing my dosage of the oracea as i don't think it helps and i truly do not want to be on any antibiotic.  I am down to 1 every other day and will continue for a month or so before taking it every 2 days.

What's next for me?  I may want to try accutane at a low dose but other than that, there are no pharmaceutical options that are viable to me at this time.    

To those of you just starting out, my best advice is to take it slow, and don't be so hard on yourself.


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