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Accutane Journey Day 61



The spot on my nose has gone down already.... I just cannot believe the difference!
I was outside gardening yesterday and again my face went very red from the sun but not actual sunburn like i've read..I definitely am catching the sun (what little we have here) quicker than normal so if we do have a half decent summer here i'm going to have to be very careful especially working outside.
I'm going away for a few days on Sunday and rather than thinking about what clothes to pack I have been more concerned with having enough lip balm and moisturiser! The last time I went to the place that we're staying was with friends last summer and my friend was horrified at how much time I had to spend 'moping up' my face in the mornings from leaking cysts...it is soooooo lovely not to be having to do that now! :) 

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It's funny that we are concerned about moisturizer and lip balm so much.....but it's true!!!  My lips are super dry again, I guess I'll be going back to the cow cream.  My finger tips are beginning to split too.  I have done a lot of spring cleaning and it seems that scrubbing stuff and doing lots of dishes really causes them to crack much faster.  I hope the cow cream works on them too.  Cutting carbs is nearly impossible for me....I really love candy & sugar, which is almost 100% carbs.  I've decided to try and keep my carbs under 40g as I ease into the whole no carbs thing---because like you said, the moment I'm not allowed to have them, is when I want them the most!!!

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