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Today, my face looks like a pizza.

Well, it always looks like a pizza but today there’s extra, extra pepperoni.

My struggles with acne began in 2006. As a typical high school teenager, I wasn’t mindful of washing my face every day, eating healthy, or taking care of my skin. I cared about getting my license and who was on my AIM Buddy List. In fact, I only started to take notice of my skin once little red bumps started to appear on my forehead. In retrospect, these breakouts were harmless and I would kill to have them over what I typically have now. When the acne on my forehead decided to stick around for a while, I finally went to see a dermatologist. I was prescribed minocycline and when the acne disappeared completely after 8 months, I thought I was cured. Wrong!

As you and I both know, antibiotics are only a temporary reprieve from acne since it does not cure the actual root of the problem. For the next two or three years, I was nearly acne free! Sure, I got a blemish here or a white head there, but it was nothing that I took notice of. In 2010 is when my face really changed. This was my 2nd year at college and it’s important to note that around this time I started my first real relationship, moved for a six month internship to Florida, and had started oral birth control.
Whether it was the stress, the harsh Florida water, or the birth control that contributed to the beginning of the downward skin spiral, I don’t know. My acne started becoming more frequent and I notice big blotches on my cheeks and chin. For the first time, I had whiteheads, blackheads, and cysts all living in perfect harmony.
I saw quite a few dermatologists and was put on every cream and pill in the book. I’ve slathered some weird crap on my face in desperation. Natural cures, medications, rain dances—nothing has made a dent in my acne. I’ve pretty much been left with two treatment options and I’ve begun one of them. Thus, the reason for the blog. I want to document my progress and use this blog as a way to whine or vent about my skin but more importantly, I hope I can give someone, somewhere some peace of mind or useful advice. It’s hard to find friends or family who understand what I’m going through, so thanks for joining me :)

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Ugh I can so related to this! A birth control fiasco turned my skin from legitimately flawless to extrememly problematic in a matter of 2 months. After about 6 months of this nonesense I am finally finding relief with a new derm and just finished my second week of Accutane. Thank god! Your skin WILL adjust to the birth control and its honestly so normal to have breakouts for 6 months + after starting hormonal therapy. However, there are other things you can do! Since you've tried what seems like everything under the sun, your derm might be ready to do a round of Accutane! How would you feel about that? Just wondering cause our situations are SO similar. I'm always here if you need me!! 

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