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MORE sickness??? Diet and Retin A Micro Updates

So I am sick AGAIN. I have a cold which is usually not a big deal but this has been bad. It's going on a week now and it's only gotten worse... no energy, sore throat, fever / chills... ugh. I am ready to be healthy again.

As far as my skin, it took a turn for the worst. I started taking probitoics (Dr Ohhria's Probiotics Professional Formula, paid $80 for them!!!) in early March and I think those are the cause. I got them after my last sickness thinking it would help to balance out my stomach after the hell it went through. I found out they have soy in them, yuck! It's fermented soy but I'm still done messing with it (even when fermented, soy still contains phytic acid and can cause other issues).

I have breakouts on my chin (even a cystic one, yikes!) and lots of blackheads, clogged pores, and inflammed zits by my jawline / ear area (which is where I used to break out a lot). It's bizarre dealing with this again and totally freaks me out. My skin looks like crap. So many clogged pores and areas that are just ticked off. I have had great skin more or less so this is just out of the blue. It has to be the probiotics. My only other guess is a protein shake I started (grain free and dairy free)... I only had it for 6 or 7 days though. I am thinking the soy was the more likely culprit.  Also, my stomach has been bloated and just blah ever since I started these probiotics. I wish I would have made the connection sooner but hopefully the effects will go away fast. I am quitting them as of today. 

As far as retin a, apparently whatever I've been eating has been too much for the retin a to handle! My skin went from looking great to looking the worst it has in 4 years. 

I feel like crap and I look like crap too! Last summer I was 15 lbs lighter, felt amazing, had great skin, and had more hair than I do now! I'm hoping I get well so I can start eating right again and get back to feeling better! 

 My Acne Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz8HfhcCkw0
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