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So today my acne is bothering me more, I'm not sure if that's because I'm resisting popping the nasty breakouts or what. There are several on my chin, cheeks and jawline. I've been rubbing and touching throughout today almost to check if they will just keep popping up hourly. I have no idea what to expect the initial breakout to be like and that's scares me cause I'm not one to do my makeup daily and don't want to have to start. I haven't been dry but I'm also already using the moisturizer when I don't necessarily need it so maybe that's making me breakout more. Either way I'm ready to start seeing some changes. 


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Hey girl!! Believe it or not your IB can be happening/starting now, which could be seen as positive cause you're getting it out of the way! Mine started at day 7 and lasted about a week, a little less. My skin got suppperrrr oily at the end of the first week and pretty much started drying up overnight just a couple nights ago. So give it time to happen and remember once you notice your face drying up, you should expect to see some improvement on your blemishes! Just think, it's one of your last breakouts ever probably! And yes, I would suggest letting your face dry out a little. I am on day 14 and I still don't use moisturizer! Yes my face is pretty dry, but at first the 'Tane made my face super oily so I got some spots that clear up rather fast when I let my face dry out. So for me, personally, I am waiting until I am unbearably dry before I use any cream on my face. Moisturizers make me breakout so I'm worried for that part! PS: make a conscious effort not to touch your face, and way to go on not popping/picking your spots!! Your skin will break soooo easily on this med so you're doing the right thing!

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Thanks for all the advice! I definitely do think its my IB starting because deep stuff that hasn't gone away with creams, facials, washes, etc are looking like they're starting to pop up in small little pimples on my chin! I'm honestly kind of happy about it. 

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Thats how I felt too haha I am happy its happening now and like you said, its all the stuff thats been deep down there for weeks! Yeah my face looks like hell, but holy crap there is some serious improvement going on too. Once your oil slows down, your skin will be SO much smoother, smaller pores, etc. Anyways, glad you're being positive! It's def a journey!

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