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Day 13 Absorbica- IB STRUGGLE IS REAL (diaper cream n lots of TV)



Hello All!

I just wanted to document when I really feel like my initial breakout is taking its toll. Last Tuesday I got one rather bothersome spot. It went away quickly, but now several others have popped up over the past week. I woke up today with new spots (cheek, chin) and have officially decided this is my initial breakout unfortunately. ARGHHH.

Bright side: nothing cystic! Just inflamed white heads that won't budge unless I pop them. And they pop rather violently, lol, pretty graphic but it just shows there is some inflammation going on for sure! Also positive note, it doesn't seem like these big whiteheads are new pimples, they are old backheads/plugs that kind of became inflamed. Also, complete 100% clearance on the upper half of my face, left cheek, nose. It's awesome around there, haha! 

I am sort of relieved in the sense that once I get this out of the way it should be smooth sailing. Some other things I noticed when I woke up today was very little oil on my face, and some old spots have completely vanished. If these 2 spots I woke up with clear up and no new ones emerge, I will by far have the clearest skin I have had in a while! My picking habits have also been a little bit of an issues, but I can honestly say I have gotten better about it. 

I'm really trying to stay positive and avoid a mental breakdown. We all know how that goes! I don't have anything to do this week so I will be relaxing with diaper rash cream on my spots < the absolute BEST thing I have found for a popped pimple. Literally dries up the ooze and spot in 24-48 hours. I use a 40% zinc oxide formula. Miracle worker. 

Will update once my IB is over! Peace n blessin's. 

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Update for anyone who sees this: my doc and I are doing 25 days of prednisone to curb the iB. This includes weaning off the medicine and eerrrthang. Just letting ya know, k bye!

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