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Accutane Journey Day 56



Still doing well however lips are flaring up again and actually cracking rather than just being dry.
I was just reading someone's blog and they said that their Derm said that it's the 6th month that really helps the acne stay away for good. As mine has told me that i will probably only have to do four can anyone else give me their opinions on this? i really  don't want to go through all this only for my cysts to return months or years down the line :( 


I just got back from my derm appt for this month.....I asked him how long I would be taking it.  He told me the full course in the United States is "typically 5 months".  He says that he wants me to do the full 5 months.  Ugh!  I was hoping for 4 months since I am at a higher dosage.  I guess it's a good thing, but it seems so long.
My lips are still splitting and cracking.  The underside of my lower arms are now breaking out with terrible eczema.  I have never had that before---and boy does it hurt!  The doc says to put Cereve lotion on them.

He also tells me that all of my labs are perfect, except my triglycerides (a form of cholesterol) are too high.  He told me "you might want to lay off the carbs".  Then he told me "no more carbs" when I was kind  of joking about eating pizza for lunch.  I guess he means it.  He says they are elevated because of the medication.  I wanted to go on a diet anyway----so this will force me into it.

I know there is a calculator on the internet somewhere that will calculate the cumulative dose you should take based on your body weight and the dose you are taking every day.  After you find the ideal cumulative dose, You can then divide that by the number of days you are taking Accutane to figure out how many months you should take it.

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Oooh thank you, i'll see if I can find that and work it out.
No carbs at all? :( I don't eat many anyway to be honest but as soon as someone tells me not to that's when I want it!!!!
How are you getting on with your cow cream? ;) Is it helping? I have no idea if this helps as I don't have eczema but I read an article the other day with someone who said 'put porridge oats in a stocking, tie it to the bath tap so that it hangs down into the bath water hand have a hot bath', now I know that sounds like an april fool but it was a few days ago and hopefully a serious article!

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