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Day 2: 

I started Amnesteem 40mg yesterday! Woohoo! My dermatologist said I would be on it for 6 months, but that in some cases she would let people end after 5. She just doesn't recommend it because she believes that the 6th month is really what helps someone's acne stay away for good. I'm so excited to finally be starting this process. I'm kind of nervous for the initial breakout even though I'd rather it happen sooner than later so I can just be done with it. I don't think I'm experiencing any symptoms yet other than possible joint pain, but I can't tell if that is from the medicine or the 3 knee surgeries I've had. At this point I'm just really concerned about the sun sensitivity because I love being outside in the sun in the summer and because I work outside. Fingers crossed I don't get burned and get used to wearing sunscreen. Goals for the journey are not to pick at or pop anything. I have a bad habit of spacing out and messing with my face and sometimes I don't even realize it until someone mentions I'm bleeding. Oops. 


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Hey girl! I just started 12 days ago, 40 mg as well and will be following you journey since we started so close :)
I'm here if you need me!

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Sounds good! Good luck! Hopefully you can warn me of all the upcoming symptoms since you're ahead of me by a little! haha

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