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Cystic acne for a teen



I am a 15 year old girl who cannot look in the mirror without cringing. My face is red with cystic acne on my cheeks, along with scars from previous cysts. It kills me everyday when Im laying in bed knowing that if I did not have acne, my life would be different. I understand that acne should not control my life and that there are so many worse things that could happen in my life, hence my username: fortunate female. But acne really does take a toll on a person emotionally. I have had pimples since I was 14 years old, but when I entered my sophomore year of high school, cystic acne hit me full force. When I say I have tried everything, I have tried everything, from natural products to homemade remedies, to over the counter products. Some start to work, and I get my hopes up, but then nope, there are newly formed cysts. I am at that point where I just cannot take it anymore, and I cannot stay hidden in my room, praying for my acne to go away. My mom has booked me an appointment with a dermatologist, and I hope once I go I can get started on some oral medication very soon. I cannot go out of the house without applying makeup, and recently, my skin has been sp dry that my makeup looks terrible. I cant apply makeup without having a breakdown every single time. When I go to school I put my hair over my cheeks, hoping to cover the scars and bumps. I am so sick and tired of missing out on pool parties, and outdoor activities because I am scared of my friends seeing my skin in the light. Also the fact that I am the only one with acne out of my friends really hits me hard. I dont have someone to talk to about how Im feeling and to relate to. I hope in the next couple of months I can share what I start taking and can share my journey with people who can relate to what I am going through. 


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OH MY  GOD..i literally feel like we have lived exactly the same things...my problem started in late August due to the polluted waters i used to swim in when i visited a friends house by the sea..fIrst one or three pimples on my right cheek..then i mistakenly picked at them...that was enough..a month later a red face and cysts filled my right cheek  some others on the left one white pimples and blackheads everywhere...It was and still is terrible but now i am much better although all of my body needs still much care to become normal..I cant even count how many times i picked my face..sometimes i had blood in my hands in the end and i was so disappointed  in my self that once again i failed to keep  my promise not to pick, not to scar my face and body, not to destroy my self...but i was so sad and angry and helpless ..and weak..last year i didnt even look my face in the mirror after my shower ..i knew it was clear and glowing..i didnt even own a foundation..this seemed like it was not me this year..how many times i have skipped my classes just because i was in front of the mirror the past  hours picking...jow many school parties..how many times i cried in my bed wishing i did not pick..And then foundatiom again..pretending i have a clear face ,pretending i am ok with myself and that i have accepted that it happens to almost every single teen...but it is hard for a sixteen year old girl...it sucks...

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I feel you! I used to pick at them thinking that it is easier to cover a mark rather than a large bump, but I have been stopping less and less. I have scars now and they are healing and I do not want to add more, but I will admit its hard not picking at them. You just have to hang in there and since we are teenagers hopefully this hormonal phase will be coming to a close!

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Scars are the worst ones..even if your acne backs off your scars will need much more time to heal..hopefully with time they will get better...you should not worry about your bumps and pimples..these are the first that will go away when you treat them with the right medication..but they can surely be huge trouble..there were times when i couldnt rest my face on the pillow in one side for more than a couple of minutes because i was in so much pain..they are a big downer..hopefully you will get better soon...thank god i visited a doctor at last and she put me on accutane?isotretinoin..i am much better now and truly fortunate since even though i have picked them so much  the last scars and marks will soon go completely away..are you sure though you acne is hormonal?(mine isnt)...because that plays a big part in your therapy and the time needed for you to improve..anyways best of luck and if you have any news on the subject you can always share if you want!!

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