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My skin was by no means looking stellar this morning, but I thought I looked at least presentable.  Fast forward to the end of my twelve hour day at work and there are two new pimples on my chin.  They just sprouted during the day even though there was no sign of them this morning.  I am convinced that something is causing my skin to react this way.  Either stress (I know some people say that's not a factor but it has to be...and I am more stressed than I have been in a long time) or possibly going from generic to name brand birth control.  I have no other explanation for why I continue to break out.  Have a derm appt coming up (was actually for something else but the timing is good).  Hoping the derm can help me.  I've never been on prescription acne treatments as the regimen worked for me previously.   Just so frustrated!!

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Hi there. Fellow adult acne sufferer. I came across your blog and totally identify with everything you've said. In particular the comment about stress struck me. I'm a very stressed out and worrisome person and I DEFINATELY think stress plays into acne. I'm almost positive I just read something recently about stress hormones causing inflammatory acne. Keep your head up and try to think of acne as temporary. I know it's hard when it never ends, but I try to remind myself that worrying about it makes it worse. Hope you have a good face day around the corner!

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