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Day 11 Absorbica- HERE WE GOOOO



Hey homies! 

SOOO a lot has happened these last 11 days, but lemme break it down this way:

Side effects: dry lips, some back pain (mainly when I work out), and thats about it! My eyes aren't dry at all and my face is still oily. Sometimes it's dry, and then I use a moisturizer and it seems like my oil production goes wayyyyy up so I am not even using a daily moisturizer yet. My skin is actually shiny and soft!

Acne progress: I believe this is my IB week, which started around day 7. Kinda scary, kinda not. I have had 3 small spots since Tuesday, which is actually a lot for me due to the fact that I have been on the heavy antibiotic Bactrim for almost 2 months. It has been way more of a mental challenge for me! I have a HORRIBLE habit of picking my face. For me, this means popping pimples that aren't ready, picking dry skin that isn't ready to come off (causing raw skin to be exposed), and just all around touching my face and making a mess of it. Because of this, I have 4 dark spots on my face right now that bug the sh*t out of me. But I haven't picked since Tuesday, and even though I have a couple active spots, I do not plan on popping them. I have been using my epiduo as a spot treatment only, which dries it out in 2-3 days. I just need PATIENCE SO HELP ME BABY JESUS.  My forehead, middle-of-brow (does it have an actual name? lol) and chin have never looked better. Overall my skin is doing amazingly. Once my PIH lightens up and these few spots dry up I will def have the best skin in a while, but I need to remember that this takes time! 

Questions for other 'Tane babes/dudes: every time I use a moisturizer, I feel like I break out. EVERY. DAMN. TIME. My face does so much better when it dries. So for the next couple weeks I'm gonna continue to let it dry out, but when I NEED to moisturize, WHAT FACE LOTION SHOULD I BUY?! PLEASE HELP MEEEEEE. Aveeno makes me breakout, Neutrogena seems to be okay. OPEN TO HELLA SUGGESTIONS!



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