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After 5 months and half my dermatologist decided to stop taking accutane, whose dosage was 40 mg/day . She decided to stop because acne has completely faded and even because my last blood test wasn't totally ok (my transaminase's values were high). I just have to fight with hyperpigmentation , in fact I still have red marks on my face but in general the situation is acceptable.
Accutane didn't give me any problem during the treatment , exept dry lips which is necessary for that kind of treatment. However, during my course of accutane I experienced episodes of flushings.
Basically at one point of the day, even without a reason, my cheecks started to became red and I felt a burn sensation. This phenomena lasts generally 1 hour and half or even two hours. It can happen multiple times in a day, generally two times a day. My dermatologist has said that this problem is related to the old inflamed veins under my skin caused by old pimples , inflamed by the absence of moistruization due to the accutane. She said basically it's a pre-form of rosacea but these flushings should gradually stop when accutane will go out of my body totally.
In the meantime she told me to use a metronidazole 1% gel during the nights and a gel of ivermectina during the day, with a sun protection cream.
Did you experience too phenomena of flushing during your course of accutane? Did they go away?


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