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Accutane Journey Day 51



It worked! My Derm can now see me on Thursday. I feel much happier now that i'm not going to be left hanging until the middle of April.
my eyes have been extra dry and stingy today and not even the spray has helped , am hoping that it improves tomorrow...
Still no cysts though, its got to have been about 3 weeks now and that for me is completely and utterly AMAZING! :) 


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Yay!!!!  I'm super happy for you!  I think the stress from scheduling appointments & lab work every month makes the Accutane experience much worse that it should be.  I am constantly worried about it being covered under my health care insurance.  I know that our country's systems are different, but America made some terrible changes in the last few years and getting appointments is very difficult here too.  We still purchase our own health care insurance (very costly), but those companies kick out nearly every claim.  They keep denying my derm appts, because there is another place that they think I should go to......but that place has an 8 month wait before you can see a doctor for the 1st time with them, and then a 6 month wait between appointments.  It would be impossible to be on Accutane with them, but my health insurance provider doesn't care.....they are not paying for my derm appointments at all.  :(  At least they have been paying for the prescriptions and lab work---so far.

My lips are soooooo dry I can barely stand it anymore.  I feel like people are staring at my lips  when I talk to them.  I have turned to this stuff called Bag Balm, it's not really helping either.  It's for chapped udders on a cow!  My daughter thinks I'm crazy---that stuff smells terrible!  I keep telling her "it hasn't killed me yet" and slather some more on.

The skin on my body is super dry now---it had not been much of an issue before the last week.  I am so itchy when I go to bed.  I guess I will start putting on body lotion before bed.  I am not looking forward to that because it is still really cold here.  I hate being cold and covered in lotion when I go to bed.

I hope your eyes are feeling better soon.

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Ha,ha,ha.... I'm sorry! I was reading that being all serious and then I nearly spat my tea out laughing at the chapped cow udders! :) 
I had to Google it but I have to say it has amazing reviews online (although I could only find ones where they used it on their skin not their lips?).
It's cold here too and I know what you mean about lotion in the winter, I'm the same.
My skin although certainly drier doesn't seem to be as dry as yours though I am on a lower dose so thats maybe why. My lips are still very dry but not unmanageable, are yours cracking? That's the worst, mine (so far touch wood only did that near the beginning), it was just so painful and I drink tea by the gallon, I had to drink through a straw as the heat was agony on the cracks.
I'm dreading trying to make another appointment tommorow after I see my derm as I'm sure there won't be any available again but your story makes me realise how lucky we are!
Let me know how you get on with your cow udder cream ;) 

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