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Acne After 30

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Birth Control Woes?



I switched from Tri Sprintec (which I had been on for years) to Ortho Tri Cyclen about 5 months ago.  Actually, the pharmacy switched me...I didn't really have a say in the matter.  They told me that my insurance would cover the OTC, but that the generic comes with a monthly co-pay.  I'm wondering if the BC swap could have anything to do with the current state of my skin.  I know that OTC is supposed to HELP skin, but I'm just at a loss as to why I continue to break out.  I hadn't experienced breakouts like this in years!  Has anyone had a similar experience after switching to a different birth control?  I've been blaming my skin on the fact that I tried to switch to a different skin care line back in October/November, but I'm trying my hardest to follow the regimen to a T these days and continue to break out.  Two new pimples on Saturday, two new pimples on Sunday, another new pimple today.  Perpetual flakes and scabs.  So frustrating and disheartening!  


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Yes, switching birth controls made my skin the worst it had ever been in years. I switched from yaz to a similar generic with higher doses of hormones, then back to yaz. On top of this I was put on spironolactone which amplified the hormonal fluctuations and BAM, acne like never before. What helped me is stopping spiroonolactone, start taking continuous BC pills (skipping periods) and an antibitoic, followed by Accutane (currently). I almost have my old, good skin back! I am definitely not a health professional, but I wanted to share my experience cause I felt like I was going crazy during this time! But believe me, it's only temporary and you will balance out soon! 

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