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Day # 189



I'm 6+ months in and a few weeks into my dosage of 150 mg.  I don't feel any difference or see any in my skin button I've decided for now to just let it ride.  I've begun the process of weening off oracea as its doing nothing for me  so as of right now, I'm taking it every other day.  My face is breaking out in large and small pustules in the usual areas and i'm letting it ride.  The days during my period and after are like clockwork time to see more inflammation, more whiteheads and generally more crappy skin.  I find that if I train myself to expect this, I won't be as anxious when it happens.

Ive found that over the years, I have allowed acne to take over my life.  I neglect the inner and outer parts of me because I think that since I have acne and I perceive it to be ugly, my whole body should be ugly.   I then eat crap  and don't  exercise with the attitude of 'why bother', I don't take pride in other aspects of my appearance and I generally hide out.  Trying to change that attitude one step at a time.  I'm going to do my hair and then take the time to blow it out and flat iron it just because......  I'm also going to drag my lazy behind out to the store and buy some groceries to make some healthy food and green smoothies.  

My acne  may never cease to be but I don't have to allow it to be all there is to me.



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Hey i can some what relate to your situation, i have been dealing with acne since i was 12, i used to have moderate to mild acne. I started doing a lot of research on acne and i still do to this day, hoping one day it will go away and never return. When it comes to having acne there comes a lot of patience, i don't really have patience when i know i'm missing out on lot of stuff in life,  Its very emotional having acne and stressful, constantly looking in mirrors at my face picking at it causing scars and etc.

The main issue with my acne breakout was cause of my diet, so i ended up cutting out  lot of food out my diet, in the process my whole body change my acne drop down from moderate to mild then only a few pimples. In the past 2 years as i gotten older, food (peanut butter, whole wheat bread etc the supposedly healthy stuff) that usually didn't break me out started wreaking havoc on my face. I have tired  many over the counter products from benzyl peroxide to salicylic acid and etc. None of them seem to work or last but cause me more breakout :(. 

So i became vegan  and spiritual, which is crazy because i thought i was going to miss out on my old diet in other ways i use to live but nope not when my eyes started changing colors from dark brown to a lighter brown which my mom realize when i showed her and my eyes are getting lighter :), i started doing more of the natural route for my acne start using what mother nature provides. You have to take the fight to your acne in many ways as possible to see a difference. So i have been consuming herbs and lemons , limes and green tea to detox my body almost everyday, which had a huge impact on my acne and slowed down my breakout a lot. I started back using tea tree oil ( I used it before but i did  not use it long enough to see results which i failed to do because of the smell  and it burned a bit ) for my face n wow the few pimples that  i have on my face is starting to decreased its size everyday but slowly, i broke out in 2 small pimples on my jaw popped them with my fingers put tea tree oil on them now there starting to go away . I Started using Aloe Vera to moisturize my face because of the healing properties and now my face is looking great, it still going to take some time for the healing  but i can wait now  because i am having good results and no new breakouts. Im going to be trying more oils soon:). Don't give up and continue to learn about your body and try new stuff for your acne. I know this might not work for you but give it a try and stay positive and believe in what you wont out of your skin. GOOD LUCK , Keep posting up dates ill like to hear about hows your skin is doing:)
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Hang in there! I took 200mg/day and it probably wasn't until 8-9 months until I saw improvement. I still breakout, but no longer get cysts. I wish it was a miracle drug for me, but I'm happy I can at least put cysts behind me.

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