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Accutane Journey Day 46



I don't know whether i'm annoyed, disappointed or just not surprised...
My last Derm appointment was on the 26th of Feb and as anyone knows who takes accutane you need to be seen every 30 days.. I was told at the time that they had no appointments free but to leave it with them and the Supervisor would fit me in a slot and let me know, this has happened before and they did so I wasn't concerned. As I hadn't heard anything yet I phoned them today and was told that they couldn't get me an appointment until the 18th APRIL! 
50 days from the last appointment, 50 days without blood tests, urine tests and of course no new prescription!
Needless to say I wasn't happy and they are (supposedly) phoning me back tomorrow with a solution... :( On the whole all my side effects have been very minor but thats just what I can see and feel, the whole point of the regular blood tests is to make sure we're not being effected on the inside and surely taking the pills then breaking for a few weeks while waiting for an appointment and then starting again can't help?
On brighter news one of the hard spots that I could feel yesterday, the one that was painful came to a really quick head overnight and has almost gone already! No where near the size of my usual ones, no where near as painful plus they normally last for weeks not 48hrs! :) 


I actually just got my booking letter for my next appointment today, and it is 12 days after my current pills run out. Not as bad as you, but I'm still a bit miffed. My derm did say to me that the drug stays in your system for weeks and so it's still working for you even if you're not taking more pills, but yeah, its not ideal is it. My plan is to start taking mine every other day just so my body stays used to taking them. I hope they sort something sooner for you!

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That's a really good idea... I shall do that too although  I would have to take them every 3 days to stretch it out until mid April :( 

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Oh my goodness!  April 18th!  That's CRAZY!  I make it a point to insist on scheduling an appointment for the next month before I leave the office.  I have to pay for my appointment after seeing the doc.  I say, "I want to make my next appointment now"  before I hand over my credit card to pay the bill.  Maybe you could try calling them every morning to see if they have a cancellation for that day.  Be careful about such a big gap---in the USA if you have too much of a gap before picking up your next prescription you have to start all over from month 1 on the ipledge system.  That means you need to prove you're not pregnant, get entered into the ipledge system and then wait a whole month before taking a 2nd pregnancy test, then you get your 1st fill of Accutane.

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Although over here we get our treatment on the NHS (which we still pay for with our taxes) our service is no where near as good as you get in America, appointments are notoriously hard to get.

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