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Accutane Journey Day 43



No physical changes, still no cysts, the one solitary spot on my chest (spot not cyst though) and skin still dry not oily.
My red face from yesterday has gone down though and is just a bit brown and sun tanned today which is fine and it can serve as a warning to me to wear sunscreen when (if) we do actually get a summer!
My eyes are still very blurry in the evenings which is really annoying and quite unsettling but the eye actimist that i've been using is making them feel much less tired and dry.


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I'm glad your red face is better.  Mine us still very red.....it is much worse when I get out of the shower.  It usually stays red for several hours.  My eyes are bothering me again and my lips are terrible!  But on a happy note---I just finished another package of the Accutane pills.  I love throwing away the packaging.  I keep telling myself, I'm getting closer to the end of it.  :) 

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That's what we need to keep telling ourselves... it'll all be worth it in the end! A guy at work today went in my bag for something (with permission - didn't just go rooting in it!) and he was astonished at how many chapsticks/ lip balms / moisturisers I had in there! Where I had a really heavy cold last week all the skin between my nose and my mouth is really dry and chapped and taking way longer to get back to normal than it would have before too which I suspect is down to the pills too but it's all worth it!
Oh and just a hint (yes I know i'm stupid) DO NOT touch your lips and then rub your eyes...the vaseline really doesn't help with the blurry eye thing! :( 

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Ha Ha Ha!  I bet the Vaseline didn't help the blurry eyes!  That's too funny! I was looking in the storage area in the front of my car the other day and counted 6 chapsticks/lip balms.  It's crazy!  The funny thing is that the one I have found to really work is a red lip gloss/lip stick thing---It looks terrible on a 39 year old woman.  My kids beg me not to wear it in public.

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Funny you should say that.... I have one that is a pale red lip balm, definitely aimed towards children as it has Snoopy on the front but I find it a really good one! :) 

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