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Accutane Journey Day 42



Well, I did read somewhere that you need to be careful in the sun, having checked the information sheet it says you can 'develop increased sensitivity to light'... it's not wrong! Today was a beautiful day, not hot but dry, warm and bright and I spent about 3 hours outside in the garden. If I thought my face looked red before it was nothing on now... I look like a giant red tomato!
This summer should be interesting as I work outside - i'll be topping up the sun screen every 5 minutes! Still no cysts appearing but a large red spot on my chest...not somewhere that I usually get them :( 


I think my doctor plans on me being done with Accutane before summer---he told me the whole birth control thing would be a total of 5 months for me.  I'm not 100% certain, but I think he meant 4 months on Accutane (I'm still on 80mg/day) and the final month of birth control to prevent pregnancy following Accutane for 1 more month.  I REALLY hate taking the birth control pill.  It makes me cry during week 3 and I have super long & painful periods.  I can't wait to be done with that pill!  I'll ask him how much longer I will be on Accutane at my next doctor visit.  I was warned about the sun & getting sunburned.  I live super close to the ocean, so I plan on spending my summer by the beach.  I also love to garden and work outside, so thanks for the sunscreen reminder!

I had my nails done with gel-polish 3 weeks ago and learned that was a bad idea.  They cure the polish with a UV light & it burned like fire!  My hands were only in that machine for 2 minutes at a time.  But I must admit I took a chance with my laser hair removal appointment.  I have a few sessions left & decided that I'd take a chance and try it.  I couldn't find anyone online who actually tried it & was super afraid.  I thought for sure my skin would burn off with the laser.  Believe it or not----there were ZERO side effects.  No burns, no pain, and it worked exactly like it should.  I have another appointment with the laser hair place on Friday.  I hope my skin doesn't burn off on my next visit.

I have noticed a new symptom----the skin on the back of my hands gets cut very easily.  I have all sorts of painful gashes & I have no idea where I got them.  I guess I will have to be more careful.

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You are very brave....  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for Friday!
My hands are covered in cuts too but i work in a garden centre so I know where they all come from , I do seem to have lots of unexplained bruises though?
The redness of my face has gone down and gone to brown which is good but I really wasn't out in it for long and March in Britain is not exactly hot and sunny so the actual summer i'm either going to burn (I hope not I don't usually) or go really brown... (that's hoping we'll actually get a summer!) On that subject I am super jealous that you live near the ocean.... I live near a pretty lake but thats as good as it gets!

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