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Week one epiduo..



So as mentioned before I have been given epiduo from my Dr.. I started this last Monday and these are my results so far.. 

My right cheek is probably the worst place where i have been experiencing breakous the most pre treatment wise anyways.. So far my skin is definitely purging.. I started out with using epiduo everyday but until day 5 i decided to use it every second day and use just plain moisturiser in between to keep my skin from too much damage.. Im not new to retin a but this stuff is really powerfull . 

Onto my skin.. It looks like shit.. Lol.. Im not going to lie, it looks awfull.. I have to admit though inflammation has dramatically decreased, but a lot of the papules are more obvious that usual (i sshould also point out as well i have been terribly sick this week with the flu or what feels like the bubonic plague, jk, but i have been pretty crappy so results will probably be different in a weeks time) 

I try my best not to touch my pimples but as a force of habit i will at my expense.. I d scar easily and i look worse so this is ahabit i will definitely try to improve.. I use an oil cleanser to remove makeup and fhen ye old cetaphil which i guess has been pretty good, i have noticed though that when i apply my sunsxreen it doesnt apply evenly so i have had to dab it on my sskin whixh helps.. I try not to use makeup unless im heading out but ehen i do it does seem to irritate my skin and makes my breakouts look more obvious.. But i have high hopes this will eventually get better in time.. Also a little tip is to wash your face towel regularly and your pillows too.. I have been doing this and i feel more calmer that i have to start taking hygenic precautions since getting these monster constellations!! 

But yes i will updated ether next week or within the week if anything changes.. Like i mentioned before i am pretty sick so i dont think the effect has been good and its hard to tell whether or not im getting these breakouts from the epiduo or from my flu but i will keep you lovely people updated anyhow!! :) until next time, max.


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