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Introseduction to my life!!



My name is tiamax but call me Max, yes I am a girl.  

So my acne story is pretty simple.. In high school i had pretty good skin, too good, i would get a pimple here and there and back then i thought i had acne.. Um.. I couldnt have been more wrong, especially with what my skin looks like now.. 

I got pregnant at 19, sah reckless of me, but suprisingly my skin was flawless throughtout!! When i delivered my awesome genetics i decided to go on the pill and went on yasmin, this is probably the cause of my misfortune now.. 

My skin for the first 6 months were awful!! I purged like a muddafaka!! But i stuck through.. They said it gets worse before it gets better and they were right!! My skin for the next few yyears was flawless.. Then i decided to stop taking the pill got pregnant again and once again perfect skin.. Until i delivered my second spawn i wanted to go onto a different pill.. These yasmin deaths were freaking me out aand i went on some levlen one.. 

Soo now it starts to get bad, i start breaking out here and there bit by bit and coming from flawless skin to 3 breakouts made me all paranoid and shiz .. Im thinking omg i have acne so i start doing acne treatments which made it worse.. 

Ok im dragging on and you probably have stopped reading by this stage so i will sum it up now i went off the pill and my skin got worse.. Recently i just started taking womens muktivitamins, fish oil, evening primrose oil, echinacea ace + zinc and vitex for hormonal imbalance and to cure my once perfect face im also on epiduo which i will post on another post of how i have been going on that but yes.. I will keep you updatrd because lets face it, i have no life.. until next time, max.. 


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