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Accutane Journey Days 39 and 40



I've not updated for a couple of days as i've been feeling really ill (not accutane connected) and by the time I get home from working i've just been collapsing in bed!
No changes really though, dry lips, dry skin, no sign of blurry eyes getting better - though that may be worse from being tired and poorly.
The main thing is (and I hope I don't speak too soon) but still no cysts appearing! :):):) .


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Oh thank you! And yes...lets hope it all goes as quickly as it has done so far, are you having four months or six? I'm on it for six.. :/ 
Are your eyes still doing better? Mine have been sooooo dry and blurry today, it's driving me insane. I've got a grocery order arriving in a bit and I have got a) peanut butter arriving (really hope that I like it so I can alternate with the avocados) and b) a new eye mist spray so hoping that helps...

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Oohh is it the optrex actimist by any chance? That stuff is like crazy magic. It helps my eyes so much when they are red and itchy as hell and watery from my delightful allergies... even though it's not actually advertised as an allergy thing. I seriously don't get how it works cos it seems like spraying something on the outside of your eye really shouldn't do anything.... but somehow it's great! So there's a recommendation from me anyway :)

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Yes that's the one! It literally just arrived and will be trying it in a moment..crossed fingers!
However what I did try immediately was the peanut butter! OMG! You put that in your mouth voluntarily???? Eugh! It's like eating glue! :( It's so gunky! Ha,ha.... I think I shall be passing it onto my friend who I know does like it, unfortunately my son saw me try it and my face has put him off trying it for life! :) 

Hmmm...how do you aim it with your eye shut? Ha,ha...just sprayed it all over my eye brow! :)

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I've been on accutane for 6 months, and I can say the peanut butter does help!! Before I started taking the peanut butter nothing was really happening but during my 4th month I started taking it and my face has really improved.

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I'm glad it's working for you - gives us all hope! i shall be staying away from the peanut butter I'm afraid though... It honestly made me gag, I'll stick with the avocado's, maybe alternate with hummus (which I love) or even a handful of peanuts....? 

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Hahaha oh dear! Did you get the 'all natural' stuff? For those ones the texture is definitely worse than the 'normal' ones like skippy brand or something. And if you put it on hot toast then it melts down! (You can tell it pains me that someone could not like peanut butter haha) I guess it is a pretty unique texture. That's a good point about just eating a handful of nuts... same outcome!
How did you find the eye spray? It def doesn't do anything immediately, but I always find myself like an hour later going 'oh! my eyes are ok now!'. I do flinch horrendously when spraying at my eyes though!

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I'm going to look for that eye spray that you all are talking about.  My eyes are still dry and kind of achy.  But so far the blurriness is better.  Too bad the peanut butter didn't work out.  I agree, the "natural" stuff is pretty yucky.  The Skippy, JIF or Peter Pan brands (in the USA) are much better.

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I'm afraid no kind of peanut butter is ever again going to go past these lips! :) 
it's called Optrex Actimist and you spray it on your closed eyelid (or try to..Because you can't see it takes some practise!!!!). It's not cheap but it is good, it collates in your eyelashes and slowly treats your eyes. It hasn't helped with the blurriness which unfortunately I still have but it does help with the dry eyes and just on the whole make them feel better :) 

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