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Post Accutane Day 280 (7 months!)



Well i haven't been in here like in 5 months. Some people just disappear when things are going alright and those who remain here are those still struggling. Well i'm back 'cause that's what we're here for--to support and give tips, advice and share experiences...

My skin has been pretty clear since i finished Accutane, it wasn't actually Accutane but some generic brand i can't recall but it's all in my past entries. Also, i didn't actually finish the entire course and the whole weight, mg needed for remission, etc.

For the past 3 months i have stopped applying Retin A to my skin and have just been washing my face with regular Clean and Clear face wash at night and 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Clean and Clear during the morning. Nothing else; no creams, moisturizers, extra washing, just that. There have been times i don't even wash my face at nights cause of being drunk, but its rare, but even that doesn't cause me to break out.

Just this past week i was on vacation and i was just washing my face with regular hotel soap, day and night, and that caused me to get this mid-sized whitehead on my cheek and some very tiny zits on my forehead but nothing overwhelming. Once again folks, we are acne prone so it's important to continue to have some kind of regimen even when you're not breaking out.

Now i'm a 31 year old guy who has had HORRIBLE acne during my teen and mid 20s so the fact that once in a while i get a zit or two is fine. Also my face is relatively oily but definitely not as it was before accutane.

That's it. I know i promised a photo but i don't take much photos and the few are on my phone. For next time! i don't know summer is here and who knows if acne is going to return. First time i tried accutane it got bad little by little until full blown out nasty acne that after 2-3 years i found myself returning to the dermatologist. Hopefully my age and hormones decreasing doesn't allow that.

That's all, until next time!



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