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Accutane - Day 23



General Update: I have been on isotretinoin for 23 days now and I am definitely seeing improvement.  Though my acne is not gone, my breakouts are significantly less severe.  The pimples I get are less in numbers, less in size, and seem to go away quicker.  My husband has noticed this too.  

Side Effects: I am definitely experiencing the dry lips and skin.  My lips have not flaked or cracked yet but they are dry and get that burning sensation when I don't put anything on them for a while.  I basically make sure I have lip balm with me at ALL times!  As for my usually very oily skin...it's dry.  The creases around my nose tend to flake and I no longer have an oily feel to the skin on my face.  I'm still trying to find the right facial moisturizer.  My Clinique stuff is not doing the job! I need to find something that will work...and soon! Totally open to suggestions.  I've also notice a few tiny dry patches of skin on my hands that are red in color.  They seem to get better when I apply hand lotion.  I may need to start using lotion all over my body.  So far, I have had zero issues with my hair and scalp.  No joint pains as of yet. I was a little lethargic the first week on accutane, but I'm not 100% sure if the accutane was to blame. 

Makeup: Since my skin is dry now that I'm on accutane, I've found that I can't use my normal foundation (Clinique) anymore.  I've switched to a tinted moisturizer (Clinique) that has less coverage than my normal foundation, but it cover enough since my acne is less sever.  The tinted moisturizer feels so much better on my skin than the foundtion.  I then continue to use my normal pressed powder (Physician's Formula) to set it.  Though the coverage is amazing, I have a feeling that I am going to need to cut out the pressed powder soon if my face gets any dryer. 


I am starting Accutane monday (YAY) so I have no personal experience, but I have been on retinols for years and experienced the most severe dryness/peeling from it. What helped me is a good moisturizer (cetaphil, CeraVe, Nuetrogena oil-free) but add some Aloe to it! Just the clear aloe vera gel they sell at the store. I stops the skin from peeling and cools down redness, also it is super non-greasy and is actually a natural way to help clear acne. So I usually do 1/2 moisturizer and 1/2 aloe gel! 

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I will definitely try the aloe! Thank you and good luck with your accutane journey!  Tip: Stock up on lip balm/ointment! Keep in in your car, purse, bedroom, living room, work place, ect!  So far the Aquaphor healing ointment is my favorite.  If you try it, splurge on the name brand.  The CVS version of Aquaphor is horrible! 

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