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Accutane Journey Day 38



Well today has been a really long day, 12 hour shift on top of a very heavy cold but my skin is still doing much better, just regular spots no cysts, next week will be the real test as it's the time of the month when my cysts normally go into overdrive :( 
My eyes are extremely blurry and looking at the screen is tricky but that may well be tiredness on top of the accutane effect.
This may well make me sound bad but after such a long shift and to be honest not a great day before the treatment I would have come home to a nice cold beer which obviously I can't do and I really miss it! Also I haven't told anyone other than my son and my closest friend that i'm taking accutane (there's been such negative press about it and people that don't suffer just don't understand why you would take it) so i'm avoiding social occasions and having to explain why i'm not having a drink...is this just me? :/ 


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I have been avoiding my usual wine drinking friends too.  We went out to a bar the other night and I was able to be the "designated driver", which made my husband happy---he was able to drink a few beers and not worry about driving us home.  A different friend of mine invited me over for wine the other evening and I told her I was busy.  She invited me the next day for lunch, and when she offered wine, I asked her if she had any tea instead (I'm so glad it was cold outside).  I usually enjoy a glass of wine or soda with dinner, but don't crave it at all since being on Accutane.  All I want is water---lots and lots of water.
My husband and children know I'm taking Accutane.  The only other person I told was my best friend & she lives very far away from me.  I only told her about it because she knew what it was.  Her husband was going to go on Accutane a few years ago, but they read the side effects and decided against it because they wanted to have more children.  They were concerned about it harming their future children.  She thinks I'm crazy, but still loves me anyway.
I hope you feel better soon---the tissues sticking to your lips made me laugh.  Hang in there!

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I have only told my closest friend about going on accutane, I haven't even told my family. Unfortunately, one family member is very into 'woo' (any and all 'alternative' health thing you can think of), and considers the medicines I take anyway to be 'poison'.... so goodness only knows what the reaction would be to this one!

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